Flash Darifur is present in the world from more than 30 years  with the fur garments, accessories and complements for clothing companies, footwear and furniture. The skins are bought directly in the best international auctions: Saga Furs, Nafa, Copenhagen Fur, Sojuzpushnina Auction Company.

Flash Darifur has gained experience so today is able to offer QUALITY through a careful selection of fur skins combined with the experience of its craftsmen furriers, INNOVATION researching new materials, techniques, colors and shapes, LIABILITY working in compliance with international regulations:

Furmark Project

Furmark is the new global certification and traceability system for sustainable natural fur that ensures the highest animal welfare and environmental standards

Washington Convention
Regulates trade in wildlife and flora in danger of extinction, such as conservation tool through sustainable utilization

OA, Origin Assured
It provides consumers with information that the fur comes from a country where welfare conditions are applied

Eco-toxicological requirements
Flash Darifur products comply with legislation and regulations relating to the requirements for environmental protection, health and consumer safety (UNI / TR 11359: 2010)

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