Footwear and Leatherwear

Production of footwear and leather fur

One of the fashionable and glamor tendencies is to introduce fur inserts for footwear and leather goods.

The soft fur to construct the purse or to enrich it with borders, inserts, fringes in all kinds of fur, Foxes, Minks, Marmots, Finnracoon, Mongolia, Kidassia, Rex Rabbit, Cashmere Goat, Beaver.

The fur, FoxesMinksMarmotsFinnracoonMongolia, Kidassia, Rex Rabbit, Cashmere Goat, Beaver, in addition decorates or lines either sandal jewel or the shoe, the socket, the boot, the slipper.

The quality of the choice of the most refined materials in natural colors or dyed  makes unique the footwear and leather goods in general.

The skins are bought directly in the best international auctions: Saga Furs, Copenhagen Fur, Sojuzpushnina Auction Company.

Flash Srl joins the FURMARK project for the fur certification from the farm to final consumer.

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