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Production of home accessories in fur

The absolute star of the most innovative collections in decor is a fur. The fur that has enveloped the man from the beginning, giving the warmth he needed. Very effective against the cold, now revisited with a view fashion, with bright colors or natural, mix of different hair, the fur blanket has become an element of design and furnishing, able to wrap and give special moments and feelings that heat the soul and the body.

Blankets and pillows in fur occupy pride of place in the bedroom, are, languidly reclining on sofas, armchairs, but also resting on the floors or walls to enhance the personality and style of any room.

There are also triming, in all kinds of fur, to embellish the furniture.

The skins are bought directly in the best international auctions: Saga Furs, Copenhagen Fur, Sojuzpushnina Auction Company.


Flash Srl joins the FURMARK project for the fur certification from the farm to final consumer.

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