Garments and accessories

Production of clothing and fur accessories

Garments that reinterpret the classic fur in a contemporary key with the attention to detail of all time, overlapping of styles, colors and clothes that are inspired by the most current styles, for a feminine image, light and fluid.

The lines are getting longer to define silhouette, sophisticated mix of fur and tissue, overlapping different volumes, adorned with colorful inlay work or knitted to make the garments warm and light.

Wearing long vests, boleros and colorful stoles, capes, patchwork models that mix every fur of the season, natural Foxes, colorful Foxes, Marmots, Coyote, Minks, Lapin, Rex Rabbit, soft fur of Lamb, warm Mongolia, Kalgan, Tibetan Goat , animal prints, floral and camouflage, etc. to face a winter designed to be covered with fur.

The skins are bought directly in the best international auctions: Saga Furs, Nafa, Copenhagen Fur, Sojuzpushnina Auction Company.

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