Necks, Edges and Finishes

Fur collars, edges and trim

Necks, Edges and Finishes
Hood edges and cuffs, sloping or asymmetrical collars, coat bottoms, bodices, made of natural fur in sober or brightly colored colors, with shapes, volume sizes, inlays and prints, needed to embellish coats, jackets, undershirts, sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

Complement technical or sportswear garments, with easy furs such as Finnracoon, Rex Rabbit, Mongolia, Marmot, Coyote or garments for a more chic look with more precious furs such as Visons, Foxes, Persians, Goat Cashmere, to accompany both everyday or mundane with a unique style , for both men and women.

Skins are purchased directly from the best international auctions: Saga Furs, Copenhagen Fur, Sojuzpushnina Auction Company.

Flash Srl adheres to the FURMARK project for the certification of fur from the Farm to the Final Consumer.

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  17 November 2020

This year Flash Srl will be at the LINEAPELLE2020 event with brand new ideas of colors, prints and...


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