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Handcraft manufacturing to suit the customer

Flash Darifur,  specialized in the handcraft production of fur articles, besides their own collection, being aware of the importance of realizing exclusive products for each brand, provides to the customer a coaching service from modeling to complete customization of the product offering also a service PRIVATE LABEL.

Collars, Borders and Finishing

Sloping or asymmetrical collars, coat bottoms, skirts bottoms, bodices, hoods, borders and cuffs made of natural fur with sober colors or colorful, with shapes, sizes and volumes, inlays needed to embellish coats, jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats,...

Garments and Accessories

Garments that reinterpret fur clothing  in a Made in Italy contemporary key with the attention to detail of all time, overlapping of styles, colors and clothes that are inspired by the most current styles, for a feminine image, light and...

Footwear and Leatherwear

One of the fashionable and glamor tendencies is to introduce fur inserts for footwear and leather goods. The soft fur to construct the purse or to enrich it with borders, inserts, fringes in all kinds of fur, Foxes, Minks, Marmots,...

Home Furnishing

The absolute star of the most innovative collections in decor is a fur. The fur that has enveloped the man from the beginning, giving the warmth he needed. Very effective against the cold, now revisited with a view fashion, with bright colors or natural,...

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